Jumuah Update for
March 20 at Muhammadi Masjid

Jumuah Update for March 20 at Muhammadi Masjid

Assalamu alaikum Community Members.

Muhammadi Masjid's Legal Capacity is for 640 people. But the NY State has mandated gatherings to be 50 people & less. Our neighbouring Masjids are not hosting Jumuah, so there is a high probability that Musallis of those Masjids might come to our Masjid and the number becomes quite big. Alhamdulillah, the importance of Jumuah is still present in the Muslims. We can't just tell the people to leave, nor can we choose 50 specific healthy people from such a diverse community. And it's not easy to deal with the Community in this situation.

So our humble request is that the brothers perform their Jumuah Salaah in small gatherings (minimum 4) at home/work. The Basic Jumuah Guidelines are mentioned below.

May Allah Taala protect one and all, Aameen.
Muhammadi Masjid Management

Muhammadi Masjid