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Muhammadi Masjid is a Non-For-Profit institution established for minority religious congregation. Our religious organization is located at 681 Elmont Road, Elmont, NY 11003 is Certified Tax Exempt under Certificate # 2133212 by the Department of Taxation and Finance, Tax ID number is 11-323-7224 this makes easy and comfortable for all brothers and sisters in Islam to donate generously. Muhammadi Masjid are also approved and certified Non-For-Profit organization under case # 116044026 by the Department of the Treasury in the Section 501 C (3) since March 11th, 1996.

Muhammadi Masjid

About US

Alhamdulillah with the Blessings of Allah (SWT) and with the financial and physical support of all the brother and sisters we were able to complete constriction beautiful project of community’s Muhammadi Masjid. Inshallah in this month of May 2018 we have entered in fourth year for completion of Muhammdi Masjid building and we will offer our fourth of Ramadan in this month. Again, with the Blessings of Allah (SWT) and with your generous donations we were able to buy adjacent house for Muhammadi Masjid.


Currently, We have parking issues for JUMUAH and Trawhee prayer times in order to add at least another 50 parking spaces for our Musallies, At this point of time we would like to remove three sheds and Gazebo that will add at least another 20 car parking spaces.

Our Mission

To promote, develop and establish relations, understanding and closer cooperation of the religious issues among all concerned organizations having similar objectives and with the people of different faiths.


We would like to use a PayPal account to allow for ease of members donation and also to solicit donations from those brothers and sisters wishing to contribute towards above Muhammad Masjid project.