Sadaqatul Fitr for
Ramadan 2020-1441AH

Sadaqatul Fitr for Ramadan 2020-1441AH

Assalamu alaikum brothers & sisters in Islam,

Sadaqatul Fitr (also called Zakat-ul-Fitr) is an obligatory charity that every Muslim (male and female, young and old) should discharge, who possesses the Nisaab (minimum amount of wealth). It is the father's responsibility to discharge it on behalf of his minor children. It should be paid before Salaatul Eid.

The wisdom behind this act is two-fold:

To purify the month-long fasting of the Muslims.
To enable the poor and less fortunate to also enjoy the celebration of Eid.

Following are the 4 Nisaabs of Sadaqatul Fitr for this Ramadan (2020-1441 AH):

May Allah Taala protect one and all, Aameen.
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