The Janazah Project

Muhammadi Masjid

The Janazah Project

Muslim Funeral & Burial Services According to the Quran & Sunnah

Affordable for those who Have and Free for those who Need.

By the Aid and Permission of Allah, The Janazah Project is Providing the Community with these free Services:

  • Funeral & Burial
  • Janazah Workshops
  • Janazah Kits
  • Consultations
  • Graveside Reminders

The Muslim Emergency Card

The MEC Card will speak for you at a time when you cannot speak for yourself.

The MEC Card can Help Save Deceased Muslim From the Following Events :

  • Being Buried by the city into a mass plot without a proper Janazah.
  • Being turned over to Universities, Schools and other Institutions for Research and Experimentation.
  • Being Cremated.
  • Having an Autospy performed on them.
  • Having a Non-Religious Family or Friend take charge of their Funeral Rites.
  • Being Forced into a Non-Religious Funeral Service.
  • Being Forced to Pay an Extremely High Cost of a funeral Bill and Burial Bill.
  • Being left in a Morgue for Long Periods of time before being Released for Janazah and Burial (Multiple Months).

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