Girls Hifz School

Girls Hifz Madarssah

To accept your child/children, parents must fulfill the following conditions:

Condition #1
  • New enrollments are on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • Please understand that Muhammadi Masjid has the right to dismiss at any time during the school year, any student requiring behavioral counseling, exhibiting poor self-control, who doesn’t fulfill the requirements or violates the regulations and policies set by Muhammadi Masjid.
  • Muhammadi Masjid will dismiss student(s) of non-cooperative parents.

Condition #2
  • Participating in, and supporting all of the meetings, functions and/or other activities.
  • Responding to all memos and returning them to the school with the student the following day.

Condition #3

The following documents and conditions are needed for admission to Muhammadi Masjid Grils Hifz Madrassah:

  • Completing the Registration Form.
  • Last Academic Progress Report.
  • Passing the admission test for new students.
  • Parental interview with the principal.


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